Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Man, its been awhile!!!

Hello everyone!

Just sitting here watching Wow Wow Wubzy. Does anyone else hate this show? Boys are at my parents for the night. There is no school tomorrow due to Veterens day (thanks dad, den, and den, and dean)

Lots to catch up on. Pyper has had her top four teeth replaced, due to decay. She has bounced back better than ever. Dad was really worn out that day!! :)
Cameron started High School, and Nic started Middle school. Pyper started attending ABC preschool at our church. And I am still working from home. Den is at Microsoft with a vendor contract.
And guess what? We are back in the apartments. We came back in June of 09. House thing did not work out like we thought. :( We will get there someday.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Penelope Clark

Alright we have had her now 3 days, and she is a dream.....No accidents, goes outside for potty, sleeps overnight without trouble, loves her toys and walks. She loves going in the car. She has to be on mommies ankles but other than that, a perfect dog!! She is so wonderful ! We all love her so much!!


Friday, March 13, 2009


No name as of yet. We rescued her from that horrid puppy mill that Snohomish county raided back in January. We are getting her today from the Humane society in Bellevue. She is a pomeranian/papillion mix. She is 3 years old, and a face to melt over. She is so flippin' precious. We are picking her up today!! I will add more later, with pictures! We are all excited, yes, even Dennis!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pyper Hayden Turns 1!!!

As of yesterday, our baby girl has finally turned 1!! We had a Yo Gabba Gabba! Party! We decorated the house with characters from the show, and balloons. I made cupcakes with the characters on them. She loved them! She got wonderful gifts from all her aunts and uncles. And her gramma and grandpy. And from our dear friends. Thanks to all who came. She had a wonderful time. A funny thing she did, was chase down Ethan (cousin) and knock him over them smacked his face over and over while hysterically laughing. He w3as such a good sport. He let her do it like 3 times. She devoured her cupcake, played with all her toys! What a great night! Thanks everyone!

Love, pyper's mama

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Dedication to our Mom, Theresa Clark 10/22/1942- 10/11/2008

It is with tremendous sadness that we announce the passing of our wonderful mother, Mary Theresa Clark last Saturday, October 11th 2008. She was the most giving, loving, selfless, non judgemental person I have ever met in my life. I loved her just as much as my own mother. She went quickly and without pain. It was unexpected, and we will all miss her terribly. She left behind her husband Dennis, of 46 years, and her two children. Dennis Jr and his wife, me :), and Treena and her husband Joe. She also left behind her 7 brothers and sisters and their families. She is also survived by her 6 grandchildren. Nicole 23, Heather 21, Cameron 12, Christian 11, Nicolas 10, and little Pyper 10 months.
She was one of my best friends, and I hope she is finally at peace and happy up in Heaven. I am glad she is no longer suffering. I am just sad she never met her newest Grandbaby. I know she loved her so much though.
Thanks for your lovely thoughts and phone calls of support. I appreciate it!
Heather & family

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Update 10/08/2008

Ok here goes,
Little Pyper has been crawling as of 8/19 and has 8 teeth! Ugh, still not sleeping.....
Nic is ten now, and is the best Big Brother to Pyper!
Cam is doing well in scouts, school, and helping out mom
Christian will be here for Halloween weekend! 1st time ever with us!
Little Heather is dating a new guy named Tony, so long Army guy.....(it has been 6 onths after all)
Nicole is still not engaged, and askes Lewis everyday! :) (I seem to remember doing that to Den until he gave in....:)

Dennis has a job with Volt through Microsoft and is tolerating it until something better comes along. I am doing well, still working at home, and selling stuff on ebay. I love that! Then I can go shop with that money! Yeah!
Look for new pictures!
Love to you all
Heather (Mom)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Beautiful Summer Day

Hi family, quick update from the Clarks. The boys are outside playing in the pool. The older girls are working, Pyper is napping and poor mommy is still suffering from a nasty sunburn she got at Coulon Beach (along with everyone else that was there). I think it was a combination of a tricky sun (hiding behind clouds) and lousy spray on sunscreen. I'll bet that's the last time Heather uses that crap. Thankfully the baby came out unscathed. She's oblivious to the whole thing.

Yea I'm still out of work. I tried to file unemployment but discovered that I am not eligible because I was an independent contractor last year. So I've gone to the state for help but as part of the deal, I have to report to their office daily for 6 hours a day to look for work from their location. Oh well, there's worse things. Still hopeful that it's a short term problem. I'm really tired of these contract jobs that come and go. It's basically feast or famine. So trying to find something stable and permanent this time around.

Christian has been out visiting for a few days and will be here a few days more. He loves it and is having such a great time. We love it too. Longer visits are definitely better. All of the boys are enjoying the new neighborhood (actually we all are). All sorts of friends close by, a park, walking distance to the store, etc.

We have some friends in the ward that are considering helping us to buy this house. That would be so awesome. Then we could settle down and stop moving for awhile. just need to secure employment first - and benefits would be nice too.

Nicole is still working at the Seven Salon in Bellevue Square. She's been there over a year and I think she's ready for a change. Heather is working at Starbucks as a shift supervisor and is working towards being an assistant store manager. Nicole is still dating Louis - going on 4 years now. There's always rumors of engagement but I'm not holding my breath. Heather's dating a guy that's going into the Army this Monday. Not sure what will happen there.

Pyper is sitting up now all by herself and can hold her bottle too. Ahh to get so excited over the simpler things in life. Still not getting up on all fours yet so no crawling. and I'm in no hurry to have her mobile either. She can lay around for another year for all I care. Not ready to childproof the house yet.

ok well that should catch everyone up for now. I'm sure I missed a bunch of stuff but Heather can come back later and blog some more.

Adios for now, Dennis